Learn the four main skills that will let develop your ability to swim with effortless endurance. Discover simple techniques that will make your practices simpler and more effective. Learn how to connect all of the techniques and skills to create your clear path to swimming confidence.

John Wooden

Weekend Workshops (Level 1 & Level 2)
– Effortless Endurance and Smart Speed

The fastest way to learn the Total Immersion Sequence

The weekend workshop is the full package. In one weekend you will learn all the skills and techniques that you need to build your efficient stroke. With the coach helping you in the water as you learn the foundational skills and ample video review you will leave the workshop knowing that you are a better swimmer with tools at hand to facilitate your continued improvement beyond the weekend experience.
LEVEL 1: EFFORTLESS ENDURANCE. Day one of your workshop is devoted to introducing the four key elements of the Total Immersion sequence of skills. Balance and core alignment are the foundational skills. They are followed by streamlining of the whole body using core rotation and breathing. Each skill is designed to build on the previous one allowing you to feel the noticeable improvements each step of the way. By the end of day one you will experience a notable difference in your stroke.
LEVEL 2: SMART SPEED. Day Two builds on the foundation work established during the Effortless Endurance Workshop. We will assess your stroke to find the opportunities for more efficiency and speed. This includes a focus on propulsion and the use of focal points while using a Tempo Trainer to develop an understanding of metrics and stroke length. You will leave the workshop knowing what you need to do to improve your speed and endurance.


Bellevue, WA
🏊 February 10 – Level 1
🏊 February 11 – Level 2
🏊 March 10 – Level 1
🏊 April 7 – Level 1
🏊 April 8 – Level 2

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Stroke Clinics

Fine tune and keep improving

Join me on one Sunday every month for a fun and instructive stroke clinic. Based on focal point swimming and sometimes drills to tune up your stroke. No two clinics are the same. Whatever is needed by the majority of the group is what we work on. You can be sure, though, that you will always learn something. Video at the beginning and at the end of the clinic is loaded up to Dropbox.
The only requirement is that you are comfortable swimming 500 yards.
No Total Immersion experience? That’s OK too. Your stroke will be longer and more efficient by the time you leave the clinic.

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One on One

Get comfortable at your own pace

Sometimes the best way is hands on. I am available for private lessons on a limited basis.
Lessons are available both in a warm teaching pool and in the 25yard pool.
Video analysis is included in most lessons. Please contact me for availability.

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