You can figure this out

The journey of the aspiring flawless swimmer can be challenging at times. Effortless swimming looks so easy and yet, when you try to execute, it is anything but. There are moments when everything comes together with magical synchronicity and then, just a moment later everything collapses into a mess.
It has nothing to do with your ability to learn.

The amount of effort and time it sometimes takes can seem overwhelming.  Putting the whole stroke together can feel so far out of reach at times.
Before you give up, think about the process of learning. It rarely moves in a straight line.

You can figure this out.

Honor Your Struggle

It took courage for you to get started on this journey. Becoming a better swimmer can be challenging.  You had the courage to step out of your comfort zone to learn a new skill.

Struggle is a natural part of the process.

Struggle brings you to a plateau.

Once you see that the plateau gives you the breathing room to figure it out you will be back on track. Take your time and enjoy the process. You’ll improve not just on the sticking point, but on everything preceding it as well.

Figure It Out

What skill did you get stuck on?

Start by ensuring that you are fully engaged and present. Are you able to feel your whole self in the water or are you pushing to make something happen that you have no control over?

Start over if you have to. Go back to more foundational moves until you reach full presence. Examine every aspect – are you balanced? are you streamlined? Is your body in alignment? Can you execute the movements with ease and grace? Maybe have someone capture a short video so you can look to see if you have achieved your goal. Keep at it until you can answer your own questions.

Keep progressing mindfully step by step until you reach the sticking point. Challenge yourself to feel it, think it through and solve it.

Don’t Quit

The only way you’ll feel the sense of joy that comes from an effortless swim is by challenging the notion that the whole process is going to be comfortable. Honor your struggles and watch the magic unfold.







Sarah Crutchfield

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